Devil Press™ Hydraulic S16 10 TON Rosin PRESS

Image of Devil Press™  Hydraulic S16 10 TON Rosin PRESS

1.High pressure ,this machine is a hydraulic rosin press , it has 14000 psi pressure , more than 10 Tons , it's easy to get the oil out .
2.2 heating plates , both plates being hot are pretty essentional for process to work, each plate could reach 480 ℉ (250℃)
3.LCD display controller ,using Intelligent LCD display temperature controller, temperature control is accurate (± 10 ℃)
4.Heavy duty machine, the new weight of the machine is over 80 lbs!

Time range:0s-999s
Temp range: 0-250℃ (0-480 ℉)
Plate Size: 12 x12cm(5x5inch)
Thickness of heating plate :3cm (1.2 inch)
Gross weight: 44KG (97lbs)
New weight: 38KG (83bs)
Machine Size :37x28x39 cm (14.5x18x15 inch)
Usage:Rosin press

Using method
1.Power on the rosin press
2.Both plate set to 265 F
3.Put the flower on the tea bag then put on the heating plate.
4.10 second press
5.Remove particulates and collet with tool.
6.Put the oil into your D-nail,smoking now .