DEVIL PRESS™ 3x7 Inch Rosin CAGE GOLD Anodized Rosin Caged Cube Kits

Image of DEVIL PRESS™ 3x7 Inch Rosin CAGE GOLD Anodized Rosin Caged Cube Kits
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dp-rp35s is Fully Assembled at the Factory. Simply Move Cube Kit to Hydraulic Shop Press and Begin Working.

Does Not Fit Some A-Frame Press, H-Frame is Recommended for Proper Clearance.

Well-packaged, without Any Marks on Thickened Plain Carton.

Support Use about Yield and Press, ReadOur Blog
build time 7-9 days

Packing List:

1Pcs x Anodized Plates Rosin Cube

1Pcs x Rosin Control Box dp-tc02r115

Instruction Manual

1Pcs Screwdriver Tool


Temperature Range: 0-399F

Power: 500W

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Plate Size: 3" x 7"

Rosin Cube Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.6" x 5.5"

External Package: 14.2" x 13.2" x 9.4"

Total Weight: 14.5lbs


Recommended Rosin Filter Bag dp-rb35n or dp-rb35m

Recommended Magnetic Alignment Loading Rack dp-mj35


Point Piston Ram of Hydraulic Shop Press at Circle of Rosin Cube kit dp-rp35s

Stroke Extend of The Shop Press >6"

Hydraulic Shop Press < 20 Tons

One Person Operation

Keep It out of Reach of Children

Do Not Switch on PID Temp Controller Box without Putting Rod into Aluminum Platen

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