Image of DEVIL PRESS™  Solvent Zero Rosin Press COMMERCIAL  ROSIN PRESS

DEVIL PRESS™ Solvent Zero is the leader in the latest solventless extraction technology and manufactures the largest commercial rosin press machine in the world.

More About Our Rosin Press Machine
DEVIL PRESS™ Solvent Zero’s patent-pending technology is designed for maximum yield and quality. Our machines are compact, user-friendly and extremely durable. Co2 extraction technologies that can process the equivalent amount per day range from 200-500k+

Key Benefits

After using the Solvent Zero press you are left with a pure finished product ready for collection.
No other solventless extraction technology is capable of processing this amount of material as quickly and with this amount of ease.
The device is fully automatic, hydraulic with a 30-ton cylinder, and digital controls so you easily command the heat, time and pressure with the touch of a button.
Dual station design enables you to press one side, while you set up the other, for efficient and continuous workflow.
The Solvent Zero Press is so effective because of it’s dual custom raised heat plate design, allowing the user to easily switch from one workstation to another all while getting the highest yields with the highest quality.
Technical Specifications

Voltage (V) – 220 volt / 30amp 3 phase outlet
Temp Range: 0-399 C / 0-750 F
(2) Sliding 16 X 16 Aluminum Heat Plates: Custom Solvent Zero designs with 2 or 3 raised 3” X 11” sections
Digital Automatic Timer
Digital Temperature Control: Celcius or Farenheight
Total weight 2000 lbs
Shipped in 3 crates

Weight 1379 kg
Dimensions 180 x 180 x 180 cm

we are able to ship this worldwide, the price above does not include shipping
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